How to become an active part of LOTO


All our initiatives are aimed at people who want to change the way we move on this Planet, experiencing travels and encounters driven by the desire for knowledge and sharing.

Becoming a LOTO member is essential for everyone interested in our reality and willing to participate in the activities and projects promoted by LOTO. The process to become a member is simple: contact us for all the details and apply to LOTO membership at any time of the year.

Our shareholders' meeting has established the annual membership fee of € 20.00, by paying which you become a member of our Cultural Association by receiving the membership card.

Is there is also the possibility to support LOTO projects and initiatives in more diversified ways, proposing as:

🌱 SEED supporting member: membership fee of € 50.00;

🌱 ROOT supporting member: membership fee of € 75.00;

🌱 BUD supporting member: membership fee of € 100.00.

Before contacting us to become a member, we believe it is important to share some more LOTO purposes. Among others, LOTO believes in:

a) educating for active and global citizenship;

b) promoting the culture of volunteering and the principles at the base of tourism practices oriented at social and cultural interest, in Italy and abroad;

c) spreading the practices of volunteering and solidarity aimed at increasing levels of inclusion, cohesion and social participation.

LOTO is open to all those who share its spirit and ideals, being interested in the accomplishment of the institutional purposes.

The shareholders' meeting is the key moment of a shared discussion between all LOTO voting members, aimed at ensuring the correct management of the Association. To give you a more definite idea of what we do, request our Statute to deepen with attention the principles that animate our daily commitment.

"We need to be prepared for the responsibilities that come with our global citizenship"

Daniela Papi