LOTO’s itineraries are specifically crafted to be sharable, we support travellers in finding new routes and hosting solutions; we help the interested to identify the volunteer experience that suits most with their needs and expectations.

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In recent years tourism has grown more than analysts were expecting it to do worldwide, this means it is one of the most powerful drivers of economic development and growth. How translate this expansion into real benefits to all local communities involved, creating education, new skills and new job opportunities? Responsible tourism is the answer. Loto is a new reality born to link up who is willing to experience the world, travelling with humility and respect, with people committed to improving the quality of life of the local community, taking care of the natural resources they depend on.

We want to start a real change in how common citizens travel end experience new places, promoting a lifestyle that is fair to all. We have the ambition to support people in their travel choices, helping them to explore a new place, travelling with the same respect as if they were in their own home. Our Planet.

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