Coexistence steps between humans and the wild ones

This project
in brief

A project born to promote the understanding and protection of the wolf in its natural habitat enhancing, at the same time, pastoralism and breeding activities practiced through the respect of the territory.

A great opportunity that wants to involve and sensitize the widest number of people. In terms of rewilding interventions, maintenance of ecological corridors and areas of naturalistic interest, the project represents an attraction for travellers looking for a corner of nature to know and protect, actively participating in the conservation of biodiversity.

Facing fear and disinformation, we prefer to focus on exchange and information: During June 2020, LOTO team visited Val Taro, one of the main areas of intervention of "Io non ho paura del lupo" and, noticing commitment and solid expertise, it has decided to develop a one-week travel proposal designed for all those in love with wildlife and open areas. The weekly activities of the "On the wolf's tracks" excursion will take place in Val Taro. Here, in 2016, #iononhopauradellupo association carried out the first activities dedicated to the monitoring of the wolf and its expansion on the territory within cliffs, woods, streams and pastures, landscapes proper of the Northern Apennines.

Coexistence between wolf and humans is still possible thanks also to people working day after day to defend the cultural and natural wealth of the country in which they live. If you are interested in the week dedicated to "those who are not afraid of the wolf", fill in the form at the end of the page.

💡 Becoming a LOTO member is essential for everyone interested in our reality and willing to participate in the activities and projects promoted by LOTO. The process to become a member is simple: contact us for all the details!
Curiosity: #iononhopauradellupo is active not only in the Apennine areas, but it monitors also: the Alps and the Eastern Pre-Alps, the Lessinia upland near Verona, Monte Grappa, Asiago upland and Col Visentin, all areas near the border between Veneto and Trentino regions. So many territories to observe, just one aim: increase the natural return of an animal that is too often a victim of poaching and prejudices, without any concern about its extraordinary ecological role.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will live a couple of weeks in a small village in the Apennine, so you have to be ready for adventure, please do not forget to buy repellent, head torch, hiking boots, eco-friendly sunscreen and green bath accessories.
Travel is great only if shared: if you are planning a trip with someone you want to leave with, please let us know your request so that we can manage it at our best. On the contrary, you are on your own? No problem, you will have the chance to meet new people on your way.
We proudly work with partner involved in social and environmental activities around the world, but don’t worry about safety, we are going to guide you step by step through all the sanitary arrangements, so that you will be ready for the adventure.

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